The History of Calvary Baptist Church

It all began on April 15th, 1965 in the home of Kermit and Virginia Seeley with 13 persons present. The first official service was held in the old American Legion building on South Main Street in Oberlin, OH on May 9th, 1965. The first pastor Rev. Joe Fritz was called by the church on June 17th, 1965. Calvary Baptist joined in fellowship with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches in December of 1966 and continues to partner with them in connecting people to God and loving one another. Together with the Association, we believe as a local church we can accomplish more for God’s kingdom. On April 27th, 1969 the church broke ground for its own building  at 414 South Main Street in Oberlin, which still serves as the present site for the church.

A number of additions and improvements have been made since then to the original facility to better help us minister to the people God has brought our way. There have been 7 pastors that have served the church since its beginning in 1965 and the present pastor Brian Kenyon has been here since 1991. God truly has blessed over the last 50 plus years, the greatest example of this has been in the lives that have been transformed by His grace. We don’t have enough space to tell of all the people that God has brought through these doors and have been taught about God’s love for them and have been trained and encouraged by the Word of God, but we would love for you to experience the love of God and our love for you.